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Qingdao Zeqing environmental protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao Huangao City, is a professional engaged in environmental pollution control of high-tech enterprises, long-term commitment to environmental engineering technical consulting, engineering design and construction, environmental protection equipment manufacturing and commissioning of environmental protection facilities and other related environmental protection industry, the business involves industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, water treatment and so on. Depending on the region of production, learning and research advantages, specializing in the production of: integrated equipment for sewage treatment, dissolved air flotation machine, cavitation air flotation machine, shallow air flotation machine, oil-water separator, dosing machine, automatic solution medicine machine, belt type filter press, peripheral drive scraping mud machine, central transmission mud scraper machine waste water processing equipment.
Company has consistently adhered to a high starting point, high standard of work style, created a experienced, skilled professional team; manufactured a series of sewage equipment with reliable quality, stable performance, customers and departments in charge of praise. Carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future the company will uphold the "pragmatic innovation, reputation first" service philosophy, continue to provide first-class products and professional consulting services for our customers, and sincerely welcome customers to come to study, cooperation!
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Add:NO.237 Haixi Road of Huangdao, Qingdao,China   Tel: 0086-18661989908  0086-532-88162328